The Republic of Moldova
May 5, 2014



Ataki is a town with a population of 8,400 on the southwestern bank of the Dniester River, located in Ocniţa District, Moldova.It is first attested in the XV th century; as part of Bessarabia and by the 1890s it had become a poor, heavily Jewish village. Those who had the means emigrated to the United States of America. During the famine of 1900 the Jewish Relief Committee of St. Petersburg gave assistance to 109 families of Ataki; but a far greater number remained destitute.

Today a lot of  people visit Ataki to see the Jewish Cemetery near by in the Volchinets village at the crown of a hill.The cemetery has a number of 3500 gravestones attested from the XIX th century and is considered one of the memorial monuments to the Holocaust victims.The former building of  Synagogue from Ataky town is not used today but remains an attraction for tourists.It dates from the Begining of the XX century and During 1945 and 1990 was used as a Palace of Culture by the community.