Sighetu Marmaţiei
May 5, 2014
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June 20, 2014

Between 1930 and 1933 on the Valley of Vaser a railway was built with a narrow gauge that was used to transport by train the wood exploited from the valley.

Nowadays the Valley of Vaser is one of the wildest and most beautiful valleys in Romania, a route crossing a distance of 43 kilometres on the interwar forest railway, offering an unusual access to numerous departure points towards the most popular mountainous tourist routes in the Maramures Mountains. It may be due to the relief, the lack of infrastructure or the geographical position that these places are still untouched by the industrial expansion. The beauty of this place attracts annually many tourists who are willing to get to know new places, less touched by the tumult of civilization, in the sense that they were preserved in authentic state, keeping their wilderness. Nowadays, these places full of charm are less and less accessible to the unprofessional tourists.

Our agency suggests that you should not miss this opportunity to live a real ecperience of going back in time. In the mountainous town Viseul de Sus you will find a real time machine: an antique train with an original steam-engine. We guarantee that once you get in its wagons you will have the impression that you are back in time 100 years ago. Mocanita, this mountain train crosses the defile starting with Viseul de Sus for 43 kilometres with low speed so that the tourists can have the chance to admire at their own pace the exceptional landscape: forests, clearings, meadows abounding in wildflowers and mountain springs with crystalline water winding through the cliffs. The little train, although initially designed to serve forest purposes, is nowadays equipped with wagons for passengers warmed by fireplaces where fir tree is burnt emanating in the compartments sublime scents of resin. The steam-engine makes an unmistakable sound which you will scarcely have the opportunity to hear elsewhere.

The town Viseul de Sus represents a tourist attraction of a national level, remarkable not only through its very attractive natural landscape, but mostly due to its welcoming people who keep the customs and traditional culture as they inherited it from their ancestors. You will be able to see them in their traditional attire practicing crafts common in their part of the country: woodworking and raising animals. Our agency’s guides will accompany you all along your journey and share with you local traditions and legends.