September 11, 2015
“Commited to providing the best experience they can offer…”
December 9, 2015
“Fascinating tour”
Reviewed on TripAdvisor on November 29, 2015

A brilliant tour last month to the painted monasteries and beautiful countryside of Bucovina. Until I arrived, I didn’t realise just how interesting, unique and artistically stunning the painted monestaries were. However, our guide Ciprian really brought them to life with his in depth knowledge of each one we visited, so much so that we not only gained an appreciation of the buildings, but also of the deep spirituality of so many of the people of the region.
I had never been to Romania before this tour, but I heartily recommend this region to anyone. It may not be as well known as some regions of Europe, but it deserves to be placed firmly on the itinerary of any traveller.

Visited October 2015